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We are a company that is not only dedicated to the development of customized software but also seeks and provides the best IT talents. Our transparency, agility, and responsiveness allow companies to accelerate production times while connecting with their customers in a more meaningful and engaging way.

Our senior-level developers have exceptional experience in developing cryptocurrency software by trusting us with one of the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange trading platforms in the world. Our agility, transparency, and dedication to providing seamless communication have made us an invaluable technology partner for small, medium, and large companies around the world.

At Hashing Code, We provide leading companies with personalized technologies that interact with cryptocurrency. Whether you need your cryptocurrency or a blockchain application to interact with internal systems or consumers, our developers can customize a product to meet your requirements. The Hashing Code team understands the nuances of data security and usability, as they apply them to both crypto-platform and product development. Our team of seasoned professionals with the common goal of solving the biggest challenge in software development: delivering quality solutions on time and budget .

​Our crypto service includes, but is not limited to, bitcoin payment and trading platform software development, e-commerce integration with cryptocurrency wallet services, cryptocurrency transaction reconciliation systems, and cryptocurrency wallet development. Our development process encourages collaboration between our experts and our clients, as they work closely through constant communication and transparency.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer intelligent and accessible work teams to solve the challenges of our clients through technological solutions, using better communication, providing innovative ideas, and a sense of responsibility, so we ensure outstanding results, on time, all the time.

We are full of interesting creative ideas!

Under the same standards of quality, performance and usability, each project is different with different needs, therefore, we put all our experience at your service so that you start or improve your business. Our solutions adapt to your requirements.



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A Highly flexible and responsive team, always available to make changes as per your requirements.

Strong Leaders

We have a great team of trained and motivated professionals to offer comprehensive solutions with the highest quality.

Best Education

Our team is very experienced and well up to date on the latest trends. We achieve customer satisfaction by helping them achieve business objectives.

Client Oriented

We have built our entire customer engagement process based on our core values: communication and responsibility.

Rich Experience

We have built our entire customer engagement process based on our core values: communication and responsibility.

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