At  Hashing Code, we can create and boost your social media accounts and offer you community manager services, daily management, activity analysis and reports, generation of attractive content, contests, promotions, and creation of ad hoc applications, … In short, a world of possibilities with the objective of establishing links with the consumer that become results.

Profile opening and customization

A brand without a social media presence is invisible. At Hashing Code, we help our clients create their profiles and give them an identity that enhances their brand image.

Preparation of strategies and implementation

As important as being present in RRSS is to carefully select which networks should be in and which ones should not, and which communication strategy should be adopted. A law firm is not the same as a fashion brand or a restaurant. One will need a more professional tone and another closer; one will be more typical of LinkedIn and another of Instagram.

Editorial plan and calendar by network

In line with the above, it is not enough to have a profile: it is necessary to plan the frequency of comments or publications, taking into account seasonality, holiday seasons, periodic events, sector fairs, etc. We help you create a detailed calendar for each of your social networks.

In addition, to increase your sales or your followers we design and carry out paid social media campaigns, a tool that can be very effective for your brand.

Management and daily maintenance

Can you imagine entering Coca-Cola’s Facebook and finding that his last comment on the wall is from April 2009? What a downturn, right? And there is only something worse than not being on social networks: being for nothing. Our community manager service will keep your page alive and updated with punctuality and professionalism.

Content development

Followers of a brand highly value providing non-commercial, entertaining, or useful information. A brand that only updates its content from Easter to Ramos and does not communicate with its customers makes a pretty bad impression.

At Hashing Code, we are also content managers and we develop entertaining, interesting, and quality content for you. And we also boost your account by organizing contests, raffles, and games for your fans.

Monthly monitoring and reports

We use the most useful and up-to-date measurement tools to analyze the number of visits, clicks, length of stay, evolution over time, etc. And we put at your disposal a detailed and accurate report with your monthly data.