Good practices in the IT industry require the development of a methodology that is capable of transforming a technological solution into a generator of value for our clients.

Our Professional Consulting Services provide comprehensive advice in the field of Blockchain, transforming business needs into proposals for special solutions from a technological, economic and quality perspective to support the tactical decisions and strategies of the client’s executive level, either for implement this new technology as well as for the optimization of solutions integrating Blockchain with the systems currently in production.

We prepare companies and institutions to adapt their functional structure and their processes and business models to Blockchain technology, including:


  • Director of Applied Technology, which will involve having a Board-level expert, who helps the steering committee to validate and define strategic guidelines for Applied Technology to optimize the business.
  • Restructuring of current business processes, identifying milestones for potential intervention and where Blockchain provides real value
  • Evaluation of systems and applications based on Blockchain based on the particular and specific business model of each client.


Technology Consulting:
  • Redesign of processes or functions based on Blockchain technology.
  • Application of implementation methodology, integration of Blockchain solutions.
  • Management and direction of Information Technology projects.
  • Assessment of security risks and vulnerability of current systems.
  • Design and implementation of procedures to safeguard information and secure storage of critical data.


Design and development:
  • Design strategy integrated with the Online Development Plan and coordinated with the objectives of the business, technology and consultants areas.

Training and increase skills of employees:

Skills Enhancement:
  • Review of corporate strategy, principles and values ​​and Compliance evaluation plan throughout the company.

  • Design and execution plan for the transmission of priority Soft Skills.

  • Communication strategy and continuous improvement of soft skills.

Technical knowledge:
  • Training, technical and specialized knowledge, among others:

  • Security and handling of sensitive information.

  • Cybersecurity.

  • Blockchain Technology

  • Advanced programming languages.

  • Information encryption systems and mechanisms