Currently, Crypto exchange is a booming business.

Many countries have lifted the ban on cryptocurrencies and creating an exchange platform yourself in these countries would serve you better. In addition to facilitating the trading of several currencies, you will also create the opportunity to make huge profits.
As the number of crypto users increases with each passing day, there are only a few popular exchanges that meet all the requirements of the user. Think about it, many new users around the world are always looking for a good exchange platform with reduced risks. So if you are doubting if it is good to establish a crypto exchange platform now, you are only delaying a lucrative opportunity.

Hashing Code is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange development companies to provide crypto exchange development services from scratch. We have a professional team of web developers, designers, and digital marketers who can provide your cryptocurrency exchange software without any flaws. We pay attention to all your details, develop a strategy and build a successful exchange software, all at a minimum cost.

We are an experienced cryptocurrency development company that specializes in creating a variety of cryptocurrency-based web and mobile applications. We provide large-scale cryptocurrency exchange development services to facilitate secure cryptocurrency transactions across peer-to-peer networks. Our exchange website development services include crypto-exchange software development, crypto wallet development, smart contract development, and payment integration. At Hashing Code, We also provide turnkey crypto exchange development services to speed up the development process, save development costs, and reduce time to market.

We provide end-to-end crypto-exchange website development services to increase high-speed cryptocurrency transactions securely and transparently. Our cryptocurrency development team is trained to create user-centric crypto-based websites and web applications that maximize usability to improve liquidity.

Support for multiple cryptocurrencies | Fair trade/exchange processes | Escrow support

Cryptocurrency Website Development

We provide crypto exchange development services to create user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange websites and platforms. Our development team has completed several blockchains and cryptography-based projects for startups and large-scale businesses. We use proven development methodologies to ensure seamless deployment of customizable modules for more agile development. If you have any queries, contact us now!

Features Of Our White Label Exchange Software

We reinforce our white label crypto exchange with the following features to
deliver high-performance software.

High TPS (Transactions per second)

The higher the TPS, the better the trading experience. Our white label exchange software boasts of incredible performance, processing up to 100,000 transactions per second.

Powerful Trade Engine

Our robust trade engine matches buy and sell orders with minimum latency. It has built-in order types for market order, limit order and stop order, which is essential for a crypto trading system.

Hot Wallet

Our exchange includes multi-cryptocurrency wallets (multi-signature and encrypted hot wallets) that allow secure storage and smooth transactions for a spectrum of cryptocurrencies.

Multi-layer Security

We leverage advanced security solutions like SSL implementation and two-factor authentication for additional login security, encrypted user access, and automatic limits for fund withdrawal.

Liquidity Option

In a scenario when a buyer is unable to get the appropriate seller, liquidity is achieved by creating an API connection with an external provider by creating a business account.

Crypto and Fiat Support

Our white label exchange supports a spectrum of currencies, including fiat and cryptocurrencies. The scalable architecture facilitates the integration of any currency into the exchange.


Geography-based KYC/AML comes into effect for user identity verification when it comes to withdrawing a big number of cryptocurrencies from the exchange’s hot wallet.

Referral and Reward Program

The diligently crafted referral and reward program module allows seamless distribution of rewards or incentives to users.

Multi-Language Support

We offer multi-language support to increase the global reach of your cryptocurrency exchange. The system’s UI provides the best UX for the left to right and right to left languages like Arabic.

Bot Trading

The intelligent bot integrated into our white label exchange capitalizes on the market opportunities and trades assets round-the-clock, even when your users are not available for trading.

Advanced Chart Tools

Our white label exchange facilitates a graphical trading experience with advanced charting functionality, enabling your users to view orders, positions, and annotate to their trading strategy.


Allow your users to stake their crypto assets to earn lucrative staking rewards on top of their crypto holdings and grow them further by compounding their future rewards.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Security Features

HTTP Authentication

Secure HTTP Authentication tokens like OAuth are leveraged for user authentication.

Data Encryption

Encryption of data transmission protects user credentials and other confidential information.

Jail Login

Prevents multiple failed attempts for a certain amount of time.

Anti-Denial of Service (DoS)

Protects the exchange from large requests to the server.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection

Prevents state-changing requests and other unwanted user actions.

Data Encryption

Encryption of data transmission protects user credentials and other confidential information.

HTTP Parameter Pollution Protection

Deters web attacks that craft an HTTP request in order to retrieve hidden information.

Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Protection

Protects internal systems from attacks sent from pregnable web applications.