The cryptocurrency market is crowded, a well-planned marketing planning has the power to stand out and get investment. Marketing is another important element of a successful ICO. If no one finds out about your ICO, no one will invest in it. Hashing Code covers all aspects of ICO marketing.

What are you getting in our marketing plan?


A cut-out white paper details your goals, business model, problem encountered & solution you provide in simple, easy-to-understand terms without using too much-complicated jargon. You can work in your favor to connect with those looking to invest in your Token.

All white papers are detail-oriented and require extensive research into the idea of ​​the token. In addition, a Litepaper providing a brief overview of the content complements the white paper.

Press release

Once the white paper is ready, we work with you and your team to prepare a press release that will be published through distribution sources *. We also present a well-written story about your token and its team to various crypto news reporters, so that they know your coin and it is easier for them to retrieve it once all the details have been worked out. presented.

Dimensions of the story

Talking about the story is not enough to get you published, presenting the PR talk with suggestions from different angles can help reporters make it lucrative and more likely to cover your ICO.

Token Brand building

A token is like any other brand. The more people hear about it, know about it, and connect with it, the more people start to trust it. We treat your token like a brand and create activities around it that engage people.

Reputation management

It takes years to build a name, but a few minutes to destroy it. Although your intentions are legitimate and your idea is sincere, some bad actors and competitors who sense a strong threat may resort to ploys and create a negative reputation for your brand on various platforms.

Constantly monitoring review portals to review and respond to or advise the ICO owner to remedy if there is a real concern.

We follow US FTC guidelines and use best practices consistent with them to provide reputation management.


Not spam, but good old SEO. After all, an ICO marketing services agency has to be good at it, because it is the first and foremost necessity for your ICO. Search engine optimized content spread across the domain provides the crawler with more unique content. The content of the site would also be contextual (meaning, links to other related articles on the site) providing a rich user experience, reducing the bounce rate (which is a good thing!) And helping the search robot to visit your site. site for new content. Ultimately end up on the top spot in Google search.

Paid ads

Paid banners and sponsored posts on cryptocurrency-based sites through a network exclusively for cryptocurrency-related advertising. Simple targeted advertising at its best.


A short, well-made video on your ICO is an effective way to communicate with the user. It explains all about it, what value you are trying to add and how they can benefit from it.

Social media management

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram make it easy for users to engage, from the moment of posting important updates to answering questions about your Token sales, bounty programs, and more.

Content strategy

Feeding all of these activities is a planned content strategy that would be conveyed to all media. Our editors have worked in some of the top cryptocurrency, hacking, and tech magazines, so they can get the stats and understand what kind of articles are right for the masses.