P2P exchanges are the most demanding these days among crypto investors/traders. The reason for this is its decentralized ecosystem that directly connects buyers and sellers without any involvement of a middle authority. There are plenty of P2P exchanges available in the crypto market such as Paxful, Remitano, WazirX, and more. If you want to develop a peer-to-peer platform such as Remitano, our P2P exchange cloning software solution helps you create a hassle-free decentralized exchange and trading platform. Our P2P exchange cloning script solution integrates with sophisticated features such as escrow module, 2f authentication, offline trading, etc. that will help you to create cryptocurrency buying/selling websites.

Why develop P2P exchange software?

The term peer-to-peer is an exchange asset in a crypto market between participants without the involvement of a central body. By nature, P2P takes a decentralized approach that supports direct interaction between individuals and groups. This approach simply describes the computer network architecture where each peer can act as a server for others as well as for digital currency trading.

Hashing Code Peer-to-peer development features

Hashing Code offers an all-in-one hybrid system for all advanced traders that will allow them to trade cryptocurrencies without worrying about the security of funds and information.

  • The exchange is enhanced by a high-speed engine capable of matching buyers and sellers with minimal latency.
  • Instant KYC and AML verification – the intuitive identity verification system speeds up the KYC process while following the right protocol.
  • The SSL implementation of multi-layer security and two-factor authentication, such as email authentication and Google authentication, add an essential layer of security to our P2P exchange platform.
  • An intelligent and secure, contract-based escrow system powers exchanges between platform users.
  • A robust dispute management system provides the administrator with a transparent dispute resolution system.
  • Automatic exchange peer-to-peer exchange drives the transactions of trusted users, eliminating the need for an intermediary.
  • Multilingual support provides global exposure to your P2P exchange.

Why should you choose Hashing Code‘s P2P cryptocurrency exchange?

Hashing Code‘s blockchain expert group is working with all the potential to create a safe platforms for cryptocurrency trading. The risk involved in crypto trading is minimized with our stacks of advanced technologies. A flawless and high-quality P2P cryptocurrency exchange script helps you win the upcoming crypto trade competition.