We are specialists in product design from all points of view. To begin with, we can help you name a new product so that it meets certain fundamental requirements to be successful, such as being an easy name to remember and differentiating itself from other competitors.

Once the product has a name, it is time to dress it appropriately to present it to the public. The design process of a container has a great job behind it, since not only do you have to choose from the aesthetic point of view, but there are many other factors that will be fundamental:

Design of new products/services

A large number of factors intervene in the design process, both cultural, technical, economic, constructive, etc. Therefore, to carry out the design of a new product or service we have to resort to a multidisciplinary team that includes personnel and technicians from different departments or areas of our organization.

There are three main fields of business activity in which design activities are inscribed:

  • Industrial design:  Its function is to determine all the characteristics of the product or service, combining experience, technical knowledge of products, and manufacturing processes with marketing forecasts.

  • Product/service communication design: Its function is to create the best conditions for identification and recognition: brand, catalogs, advertisements, stands, containers, packaging, labels, and other auxiliary elements, removing the product from anonymity and demanding the attention of buyers and consumers.

  • Corporate image design: Aimed at enhancing the identity of the company and transforming them into market values.

Our experience, the best guarantee

We offer a great experience in the product design, but also great market knowledge. With these credentials, we can offer the best guarantees of success for any type of product. Our working style, current and fully adapted to each type of product.